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Editions comparison

In a free edition of Agelong Tree you cannot enter and edit more than 40 persons in a file. If you open a file containing more than 40 persons, the program will work in "read only" mode, so you won't be able to modify data. Basic and premium editions of the program don’t have this limitation. Premium edition has a number of extra features, listed in the table below. These features are also available in the free edition, during the first 15 days after installation.


  Free edition Basic edition Premium edition
Number of persons in a data file maximum 40 unlimited unlimited
Tree building + + +
Tree printout + + +
Custom data fields + + +
Data search + + +
Data filtration + + +
Saving tree in vector format (SVG) - - +
Building of lineage list - - +
Export data to XML - - +
Saving tree nodes layout to XML - - +
Appending data from another data file - - +
Saving a part of the data to another data file - - +
Printout and export of data tables - - +
Collapsing of family tree branches - - +



Agelong Tree Reminder - a free program for getting the information about the nearest events from an Agelong Tree data file


05 august 2016

Buy Agelong Tree 4 license and get a free upgrade to Agelong Tree 5! Details >>

04 december 2015

A new build of Agelong Tree!
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