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23 december 2013

Agelong Tree 4.7 is finally here! New features:

  • Multi-coloured lines (optional) if there are many parallel lines in the tree (see "Tree options" - "Lines and Background");
  • Text wrapping a photo is optional now (see "Tree options" - "Tree nodes" - "Text");
  • A new tree Compact style is available (see "Tree options" - "Load a tree style");
  • There are shortcut keys for each tree style (see "Build tree" to find out the hot keys);
  • You are automatically prompted to choose among the other parent's spouses when creating the second parent to a child;
  • You are automatically prompted to choose the other parent of a child when creating a spouse to his/her first parent;
  • You are automatically prompted to choose among the existing partners of a person when adding the second main participant in events such as "Marriage", "Common-law marriage", "Engagement", "Divorce", etc;
  • All events connected with a place can be shown in Information about the place (see tab "Places" - "Information");
  • Life dates of family members are shown in lineage lists;
  • In lineage lists you can optionally see the relation degrees of the family members and comments (see "Build lineage list" - "Lineage list settings");

There have been fixed the following bugs:

  • In some cases when the option "Except divorced" was on, there were some incorrect lines, there were sometimes errors in the tree and sometimes some spouses weren't shown in the tree;
  • When "Optimize spouses position" was on, it was impossible to unfold a folded tree branch;
  • Paper orientation in tree Print preview didn't coincide with paper orientation when printing;
  • It was impossible to print out on any paper sizes other than A4;
  • The role of the person wasn't indicated in "Edit window" of the person, on "Events" tab;
  • The sources specified for events weren't listed in lineage lists;
  • Fixed protected application crash on multi-core CPUs with inactive cores;
  • Some things connected with import/export of Gedcom format.

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Agelong Tree Reminder - a free program for getting the information about the nearest events from an Agelong Tree data file


05 august 2016

Buy Agelong Tree 4 license and get a free upgrade to Agelong Tree 5! Details >>

04 december 2015

A new build of Agelong Tree!
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