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18 april 2003

Agelong Tree 2.0 beta has been released. Now it supports Gedcom format and Windows XP themes. You can look through the roots (the farthest ancestors) of any person. Other changes and bug fixes are made

14 february 2003

Agelong Tree 1.3 beta has been released. Among new features are: data sorting and filtration in Persons window, statistics, showing stepbrothers and stepsisters in the tree, etc.

25 december 2002

Agelong Tree 1.2 has been released. New ways of entering events' dates, displaying relation degrees and attributes in the tree

15 november 2002

Agelong Tree 1.1 has been released. New types of trees. Brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, their branches - all in one tree

11 october 2002

Agelong Tree 1.01 has been released. Printing problems and problems with tree saving in gif-format are solved

02 october 2002

Agelong Tree 1.0 final has been released. New features are: exporting and importing data, conduct of several databases

07 september 2002

Agelong Tree 1.0 beta 3 has been released. Ranging, printing, tree saving in graphic format, etc are added

05 august 2002

Agelong Tree 1.0 beta 2 has been released

21 july 2002

The first version of Agelong Tree has been released


Agelong Tree Reminder - a free program for getting the information about the nearest events from an Agelong Tree data file


05 august 2016

Buy Agelong Tree 4 license and get a free upgrade to Agelong Tree 5! Details >>

04 december 2015

A new build of Agelong Tree!
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