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1 February 2011
Novosibirsk, Russia

Agelong Tree 4: new opportunities for creating family trees

Genery Software has announced the release of Agelong Tree 4, a new version of the program for building family trees. The new version of Agelong Tree makes it possible to display all relatives on a family tree and to use Google Maps to find places connected to the lives of loved ones.

New options in Agelong Tree 4 make it possible to create tables of dynasties, download dynasty emblems and enter various types of data. The new version includes notifications on upcoming anniversaries of family events. Agelong Tree 4 has been given a more modern interface and is totally compatible with Windows 7.

"Agelong Tree 4 will help put in order information on relatives and loved ones even for those who had previously decided not to take on such painstaking work", said the program developer Dmitry Kirkinsky. "In Agelong Tree 4 data input and editing has been simplified, new smooth scrolling and tree scaling has been implemented and tree search and navigation options have been extended. In addition, thanks to the new interface, working in large font became more convenient for older people".

Agelong Tree is a program for saving and displaying text and multimedia information on relatives and events in their lives. The program is notable for the simplicity of creating persons and their profiles, for the ability to create event chains in the life of each person and for attractive data presentation in the form of a family tree or genealogical table.

Agelong Tree supports the Gedcom standard, which enables file exchange between specialists working with various genealogical software programs. The friendly interface has made it popular not only among genealogy experts but also among many people who are interested in their own family history.

More information on Agelong Tree can be found on the website

About the company

The company Genery Software was founded in 2002 in Novosibirsk, Russia. The company develops, promotes and supports the program Agelong Tree. Agelong Tree is available in different languages.

You can download Agelong Tree here:

Contact information

Dmitry Kirkinsky, Company Director


Agelong Tree Reminder - a free program for getting the information about the nearest events from an Agelong Tree data file


05 august 2016

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04 december 2015

A new build of Agelong Tree!
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