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Re: Background color for direct relatives

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nobeja wrote: Fri Feb 26, 2021 6:42 pm I try with direct relatives option but I couldn't mark persons like they are marked on image that I'm sending, besides male relatives that have same surname, I also need to mark daughters whose father have surname same as root person.
family tree_.png
You can set colors for direct relatives for bith males and females, don't you? The color choise for females is right under the color for males, look at my first screenshot, please
Or have I misunderstood your question?
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Re: Background color for direct relatives

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Наверное Елена говорит о том, что хотелось бы больше цветов для выбора. То есть чтобы отца можно было отметить одним цветом, а дочь другим.

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Re: Background color for direct relatives

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Sorry for my late reply.

I tried combining males and females fields with different colors, but I couldn't get result.
I couldn't completely separate colors for persons that belong to a family (have same surname as root member)
from colors for persons that are not members of family (doesn't have same surname as root member).

(members with same surname have darker color and members with different surname, from root member, have lighter color)

If a parents have son and daughter, son's and daughter's colors are darker,
son's children also have darker color,
but daughter's children have lighter color, because they are not members of same family as root member (doesn't have same surname).
family tree_2.png
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I don't know if option for Family color could solve this.

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