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Дерево Жизни - прекрасная программа для создания своего древа семьи,но кое-чего не хватает.
Добавить количество фамилий и кто их носители.
Добавить галерею для каждого человека.
Добавить вкладку "Биография" на каждого персонажа.

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Re: Улучшение

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Thank you for the suggestion.
1. You can use the tab "Family lines", for each family line you can see all people of the line.
In statistics you can see theh number of surnames and other interesting things
2. In documents tab of the person edit window you can add as many photos as you want. As well as videos, audios, texts, etc. All of them can be viewed from the person information window, it is a sort of a gallery you want
3. Biographies can be 1. in a comment field 2. in a Biography field - you can create any field of any type in any program tab and 3. in a text file attached to a person as a document
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