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Generate list of names and places

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:30 am
by robotriot
Maybe this is already possible somehow, but here's my suggestion anyway. I'd like to be able to automatically generate a list of family names with the corresponding place names (birth-, marriage-, death places).

Additionally, it would be great if the extremes of the dates found for each family name for the corresponding place names could be included as well. For example, if the earliest marriage for a family name in one of the associated places was 1683, and the last known death was 1757, these dates could be added to the end in the format (1683-1757).

The end result should look like this:

Family name 1 (Place name 1, Place name 2, Place name 3,...) (YYYY-YYYY)
Family name 2 (Place name 1, Place name 2, Place name 3,...) (YYYY-YYYY)
Family name 3 (Place name 1, Place name 2, Place name 3,...) (YYYY-YYYY)

It would be ideal if one could also filter the included place names. I'd like to generate separate lists for my ancestors with events in Poland and in Germany, or even smaller units, like one list for each US state for example.

In the end, this will generate a list one can easily share with other genealogists to show which family names occur within one's own tree in specific places and time frames.