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-​blog/​agelong-tree-5-2/+===== Nearest anniversaries report ===== 
 +When there are some near anniversaries,​ you see a bright dot on the ''​All actions''​ button in the main program window: 
 +{{ en:​nearest1en.png?nolink }}\\ 
 +The ''​All actions''​ menu now has a ''​Nearest anniversaries''​ option: 
 +{{ en:​nearest2en.png?​nolink }}\\ 
 +The events are grouped by date, there are photos of main participants or of the event itself. As well as any other report in Agelong Tree, this report can be 
 +   saved as HTML file (to be opened in any browser, no internet connection needed) 
 +  ​opened in browser and printed 
 +  ​opened in a browser and saved as PDF 
 +{{ en:​nearest3en.png?​nolink }}\\ 
 +If your family tree is large and you don’t need to see ALL events anniversaries,​ you can choose which events to show in the nearest anniversaries report options window: 
 +{{ en:​nearest4en.png?​nolink }}\\

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