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 +===== Version 5.5, build 2020.04.01 =====
 +  * Tree: the ability to build a family tree only on the male line or only on the female line
 +  * Tree: if there is no marriage, but there are common children, a straight line between a man and a woman is not drawn
 +  * Tree: twin brothers and twin sisters are marked in the tree and in the information window
 +  * Search: the order of words in the search bar is not important anymore: the search goes on each of the entered words. To search an exact phrase use double quotes around the phrase or tick ''​Search exact phrase''​ option in the program options window
 +  * Editing: the options "Twin brother"​ and "Twin sister"​ have been added to the person creation menu
 +  * Editing: displaying the "Cause of death" field in the person editing window
 +  * Editing: automatic removal of spaces at the beginning and at the end of a line in a text field (except for the comment field)
 +  * Editing: with a large number of additional fields displayed in the editing window, scrolling appears
 +  * Editing: when autocompleting text fields, the most common of the possible options is selected
 +  * Editing: the last selected places are displayed in the place selection menu in the editing window
 +  * Lineage list: the ability to build a lineage list only on the male line or only on the female line
 +  * Lineage list: the ability to turn off the display of the main photo of the person
 +  * Lineage list: the ability to display only spouses in the family
 +  * Reports: saving in TXT format
 +  * Reports: saving the report on the table in CSV format, delimiter - tab
 +  * Reports: displaying the age of persons associated with the document in the document viewing window
 +  * Reports: displaying the age of the event participants in the event viewing window
 +  * Reports: size of icons of non-graphic files is reduced
 +  * Reports: added a filter by last name in the report settings for the nearest anniversaries
 +  * Reports: all persons of a family line are now shown in the family line information window
 +  * Data: debugged work from different computers with a data file stored on a cloud drive
 +  * Data: display a warning if, when opening a data file containing documents, there is no document folder (.files)
 +  * Gedcom: removing html tags from comments when importing
 +  * Gedcom: import of multiple comments for one object
 +  * Gedcom: import of empty events such as "​Wedding",​ "​Divorce",​ etc.
 +  * Gedcom: fixed bug when importing an empty place
 +  * Gedcom: when exporting, a FAMC tag entry is added if the person in the "​Birth"​ event has nothing but parents
 +  * Fixed: incorrect names of participants in the events "​Unofficial marriage"​ and "​Unofficial divorce"​
 +  * Fixed: after changing the gender of a person, auto-substitution in the text field suggested values ​​related to the previous gender
 +  * Fixed: Access violation error when editing an event or related object in the tab of the editing window
 +  * Fixed: if a woman has a family line indicated, then when creating a father, the father’s family line is not established
 +  * Fixed: creating a second "​Birth"​ or "​Death"​ event when editing a person created in the person selection window
 +  * Fixed: incorrect numbering of the lineage list according to the Sosa-Stradonitz system
 +  * Fixed: wrong font size in documents links in reports
 +  * Fixed: bugs with tagging persons in photos
 +  * Fixed: program crashes in full screen on macOS
 +  * Other bugs fixed
 ===== Version 5.4, build 2019.10.28 ===== ===== Version 5.4, build 2019.10.28 =====
   * Improved data integrity support   * Improved data integrity support

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