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 Extra Extra
   * [[en:​questions_and_answers|Questions and answers]]   * [[en:​questions_and_answers|Questions and answers]]
-  * [[en:​usb_setup|How to install Agelong Tree 5 on a portable ​USB drive]]+  * [[en:​usb_setup|How to install Agelong Tree 5 on a USB drive]]
   * [[en:​versions_history|Versions history]]   * [[en:​versions_history|Versions history]]
   * [[en:​versions_old|Download old versions]]   * [[en:​versions_old|Download old versions]]
   * [[en:​hotkeys|Hot keys]]   * [[en:​hotkeys|Hot keys]]
   * [[en:​uninstall_instructions|Uninstall instructions]]   * [[en:​uninstall_instructions|Uninstall instructions]]

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