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Family Tree Software — Build Your Family Tree Offline with Agelong Tree!

Agelong Tree is an offline user-friendly program comfortable for both beginners and pros. The family tree is built automatically using information on people and the events which connect these people. Agelong Tree software has a wide range of features:

  • Builds family trees with photographs.
  • Calculates and shows relation degrees in the family tree.
  • Allows to print large family trees on your home A4 printer.
  • Allows to set any picture as tree background.
  • Saves the family tree as a picture for printing or viewing, as PNG, JPG, BMP or SVG files (i.e. in graphic formats).
  • Allows to choose a root person and build a personal family tree of any type.
  • Types of family trees include: only direct relatives, direct relatives & brothers & sisters, blood relatives, all relatives in one tree.
  • Family tree can show or hide spouses, divorced spouses, adopted children, adoptive parents.
  • Family tree can show or hide dates of births, marriages, deaths, places of residence, birth etc, i.e. you choose what information and what people should be shown in the tree.
  • Allows to create a person of neutral sex.
  • Allows to store photographs, videos, audios and all kind of documents.
  • Shows all sorts of statistics.
  • Can show some statistics under the family tree: e.g. by generations or by the whole tree, number of men/women, living people, average number of children, average life span, age, etc.
  • Contains an event mechanism which enables it to create complex biographies.
  • There is a free anniversary reminder application that goes with Agelong Tree software.
  • Generates lineage lists containing family biographies, which allows to create a family book — a good alternative to a family tree.
  • GEDCOM import and export allows to exchange data with other family tree programs.
  • The program automatically suggests data backup, which prevents losing information in case of computer breakdown.
  • Agelong Tree stores all your data only offline, locally on your computer and does not send it anywhere outside it, so nobody but you can access it.

Current version: 4.7. Requires Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
Sample family trees
Agelong Tree
Fragment of Princess Diana's family tree
Agelong Tree
Family tree of A.Pushkin, great russian poet
Agelong Tree
Family tree of Napoleon Bonaparte



Agelong Tree Reminder - a free program for getting the information about the nearest events from an Agelong Tree data file


05 august 2016

Buy Agelong Tree 4 license and get a free upgrade to Agelong Tree 5! Details >>

04 december 2015

A new build of Agelong Tree!
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