How to prepare a family history book

In the previous post we discussed how to prepare a family tree for printing. A family history book is another way to show your genealogical research result. The book usually contains a family lineage list (or pedigree list) and also a family tree (or pedigree chart) as charts give a better visual presentation. A printed family tree for a family history book should be as compact as possible, and also the persons in the tree and in the family lineage list should have the same numbers, which helps to easily find a person in the family lineage list or in the family tree.

So let’s prepare your data for a family history book:

1. Choose a person (for example, the eldest one, or the youngest one) and build a family tree for this person:

Building family tree

2. Open Tree options window, go to Appearance tab and choose Supercompact style:

Setting tree style

3. In the same Tree options window go to Persons tab, add “ID” field and move it on top of the list:

Adding Person's ID Code to the tree node

4. Click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the Tree options window, the tree is ready for saving or for printing:

Tree ready for printing

5. Now build a family lineage list of all persons present in the tree:

Building family lineage list

6. In the lineage list window click on the “Report options” button, in the “Numbering system” choose “Person ID” and remove the tick from “Numbering of generations”:

Settings for the lineage list

7. Click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the Report options window, the lineage list is ready for saving or printing:

List is ready for printing

A family lineage list as well as other reports can be printed and saved as PDF files using means of a browser: click on the “Open in browser” button, then “Print” – choose a printer if you want to print or choose “Save as PDF” instead of a printer and click “Print”.

07 December 2018
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