It is a very good piece of software, thank you very much!

Luis Flores, Guadalajara, Mexico

I am very happy with your program.

Janusz Barnat, Poland

I tried several genealogy softwares – but I was not happy because of the drawing capabilities of the tree which were not what I wanted. Today I found your tree AgeLong, and I think this is what I was looking for.

Yigal, Israel

The program is fantastic, running solidly without any crashes or bugs that I can find.

Paul Dao, Nodtronics Pty Ltd, Australia

I have been using your program for over a month now and continue to find new display formats for my family. Your program is better by far the others I have tried.

Leon Socolovsky, Baltimore, US

Outstanding program.

Dmitry Butkevich, Nival Interactive, Russia

I would like to tell you how pleased I am that I purchased your Agelong Tree family history programme, it is so easy to use, not a bit like other programs I have come across.

Heather Powell, Porthcawl, UK