Agelong Tree 5.0 build 2017.11.10

From our assembly shop, a new build of Agelong Tree 5 has just been released! The fresh build can be downloaded from the download page, and a list of changes can be found in our online help.

Are you already using version 5? Simply download the installation file, run it, perform the installation and continue to work with the program.

Are you building family trees in Agelong Tree 4 or earlier version? Download and install Agelong Tree 5 (the new version can be installed and run independently of the old one), import the data and try working with the program. Get a license for version 5 with a 40% discount or for free, the details are here.

Any questions? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Agelong Tree 5 new build

10 November 2017
Genery Software