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Version 5.5, build 2020.04.01

  • Tree: the ability to build a family tree only on the male line or only on the female line
  • Tree: if there is no marriage, but there are common children, a straight line between a man and a woman is not drawn
  • Tree: twin brothers and twin sisters are marked in the tree and in the information window
  • Search: the order of words in the search bar is not important anymore: the search goes on each of the entered words. To search an exact phrase use double quotes around the phrase or tick Search exact phrase option in the program options window
  • Editing: the options “Twin brother” and “Twin sister” have been added to the person creation menu
  • Editing: displaying the “Cause of death” field in the person editing window
  • Editing: automatic removal of spaces at the beginning and at the end of a line in a text field (except for the comment field)
  • Editing: with a large number of additional fields displayed in the editing window, scrolling appears
  • Editing: when autocompleting text fields, the most common of the possible options is selected
  • Editing: the last selected places are displayed in the place selection menu in the editing window
  • Lineage list: the ability to build a lineage list only on the male line or only on the female line
  • Lineage list: the ability to turn off the display of the main photo of the person
  • Lineage list: the ability to display only spouses in the family
  • Reports: saving in TXT format
  • Reports: saving the report on the table in CSV format, delimiter - tab
  • Reports: displaying the age of persons associated with the document in the document viewing window
  • Reports: displaying the age of the event participants in the event viewing window
  • Reports: size of icons of non-graphic files is reduced
  • Reports: added a filter by last name in the report settings for the nearest anniversaries
  • Reports: all persons of a family line are now shown in the family line information window
  • Data: debugged work from different computers with a data file stored on a cloud drive
  • Data: display a warning if, when opening a data file containing documents, there is no document folder (.files)
  • Gedcom: removing html tags from comments when importing
  • Gedcom: import of multiple comments for one object
  • Gedcom: import of empty events such as “Wedding”, “Divorce”, etc.
  • Gedcom: fixed bug when importing an empty place
  • Gedcom: when exporting, a FAMC tag entry is added if the person in the “Birth” event has nothing but parents
  • Fixed: incorrect names of participants in the events “Unofficial marriage” and “Unofficial divorce”
  • Fixed: after changing the gender of a person, auto-substitution in the text field suggested values ​​related to the previous gender
  • Fixed: Access violation error when editing an event or related object in the tab of the editing window
  • Fixed: if a woman has a family line indicated, then when creating a father, the father’s family line is not established
  • Fixed: creating a second “Birth” or “Death” event when editing a person created in the person selection window
  • Fixed: incorrect numbering of the lineage list according to the Sosa-Stradonitz system
  • Fixed: wrong font size in documents links in reports
  • Fixed: bugs with tagging persons in photos
  • Fixed: program crashes in full screen on macOS
  • Other bugs fixed

Version 5.4, build 2019.10.28

  • Improved data integrity support
  • In Nearest anniversaries report it is possible to choose event types
  • Data check report includes incorrect events order of a person
  • New Extended options in Tree optionsContents tab
  • New ability to hide common-law spouses from the family tree
  • New ability to save the family tree chart as PNG file with 100% scale, 300% scale (for further printing) or with the current scale
  • New option in a photo view window: to show the tagged persons when pointing on them
  • New option in Program options: Set the added photo as a profile one if there is no profile photo
  • Save button (which refers to the whole file, not to the family tree) stays inactive unless there are changes in data
  • New option in Lineage list report: New page for each person
  • Roman numerals as generation numbers in Lineage list report
  • Interactive HTML family tree chart: new button Go to tree in the person window
  • Interactive HTML family tree chart: more types of documents can be viewed in it
  • Gedcom import: tags EMAIL and PHON are supported
  • Gedcom import: if there are no events that join spouses in a family, a common-law marriage event is created
  • Gedcom export: new ability to choose the size of the photos exported
  • Gedcom export: new ability to export only profile photos
  • Gedcom export: only the area with the tagged person is exported as the person's profile photo
  • XML export: information about tagged people in the photos is exported
  • Fixed: incorrect events order after appending data from another file when a person exists in both files
  • Fixed: in PDF the lines colour and nodes colour were wrong
  • Fixed: inactive links in Position in the source field
  • Fixed: inactive place references in some events in Person's information window
  • Fixed: citations are cut in Source information window
  • Fixed: on MacOS the comments are shown as plain text without paragraphs
  • Fixed: when several tree charts are open, the brief information panel is not renewed when a user closes the tab
  • Fixed: when choosing a profile photo from the list of existing photos, some photos at the end of the list cannot be reached
  • Fixed: error when saving a family tree chart as PNG in Agelong Tree 5 on macOS
  • Polish interface language added

Version 5.3, build 2019.01.30

  • In a picture of a tree saved as HTML you can see every person's detailed information, it appears when you click on the person (interactive graphics)
  • New report in Persons table: “Data check”. You can set maximal age of a person, maximal age of a parent, minimal age of a parent and a spouse
  • While creating a document, if you choose a file which is already used as a document, Agelong Tree does not copy this file to the documents folder, a warning message is shown
  • Horizontal scroll of the family tree: Alt + mouse wheel
  • Changeable size of event type window
  • In the lineage list there is a line with total number of persons
  • Persons' IDs are saved in SVG
  • Correct import/export of source quotations in Gedcom
  • Fixed: Error when saving large family tree to PNG on Mac
  • Fixed: empty gaps on pages when printing a lineage list
  • Fixed: other errors

Version 5.2, build 2018.09.22

  • If a person does not have any children (“No children” option), it is marked in the tree with a special sign
  • Added the ability to fix the aspect ratio of the photo tag
  • Added a report that shows all nearest anniversaries of all or of the chosen events
  • The Table report now contains photos as in the table itself
  • In the lineage list containing all persons of the Persons table or all persons of the current tree, the persons are sorted according to their code
  • If you add a link between a photo and an object (person, event, place, etc.) which does not have a main photo, the added photo is set as the main photo of the object
  • Tag DSCR is imported from Gedcom
  • Fixed: incorrect relations degrees in some intermarriages
  • Fixed: tree nodes overlap
  • Fixed: participants and witnesses of a birth in the relevant event have no link to the born person
  • Fixed: when deleting an object from a document-related objects list, the main photo of the object is not deleted
  • Fixed: a new event breaks chronological order
  • Fixed: places coordinates aren't imported
  • Fixed: when Gedcom was imported, photos uploaded on the Internet were not downloaded
  • Fixed: when importing Gedcom created by Myheritage not all data were imported due to incorrect file format
  • Fixed: error when saving a tree to PDF on Mac
  • Fixed: impossible to activate a portable license on some portable discs with usb 3
  • Some other minor bugs fixed

Version 5.1, build 2018.06.01

  • Fixed: on some systems the program freezes during long operations
  • Fixed: on some systems saving to archive did not work
  • Fixed: information window freezes or opens slowly on Mac
  • Fixed: error when adding a person to a photo if the photo has tags
  • Fixed: Gedcom could not be imported
  • Fixed: some events weren't exported to Gedcom
  • Other minor fixes

Version 5.1, build 2018.04.20

  • Tagging people in the photos, ability to use the selected fragment as the main person's photo
  • Events with unknown year can be freely moved among the person's events
  • In the saved HTML documents he ability to click on a photo is added, it allows you to view the full size photo
  • In the source information view window, all information about the related objects is shown
  • Fixed: when printing a HTML file only the first page of the document is visible
  • Fixed: disrupting the order of children who have only a mother
  • Fixed: disrupting the order of children who have one common Birth event for both of them
  • Fixed: in the tree in some cases, the relationship between spouses who have a blood relationship is not displayed
  • Fixed: when changing the order of children with unknown birth dates, their order in the tree does not change
  • Other minor fixes
  • Gedcom: the correct import of the Gedcom file created by the MyHeritage service in an incorrect encoding
  • Gedcom: when exporting, line breaks in comments now always are done by the word, as recommended by the standard
  • Gedcom: correct recording of the Julian calendar dates to Gedcom
  • Gedcom: correct recording of dates with unknown year to Gedcom
  • Gedcom: added the _UID tag when exporting

Version 5.0, build 2018.01.25

  • Added Gedcom import
  • Added a portable disc installation option in the installation package
  • Added: Documents files can be saved in a separate folder during Gedcom export (optional)
  • Added encoding selection for Gedcom import and export
  • Added: clickable links in Comment fields
  • Added: possibility to change the order of the document-connected objects in the document and source edit windows
  • Fixed: incorrect printing of the tree if the screen scale is enlarged
  • Fixed: incorrect processing of pictures with transparent background
  • Fixed: incorrect processing of long comments during Gedcom export
  • Fixed: incorrect display of unticked fields in the list of fields in the table options window
  • Fixed “Can't copy the file. Access denied” error when launching the program or opening a file
  • Corrected some relation degrees in German interface language
  • Fixed other minor errors
  • Added Italian interface language

Version 5.0, build 2017.11.10

  • Added autocompletion in the search bar
  • Added option Clear cache when closing (important for a portable license when working on other people's computers)
  • Added Latvian interface language
  • Fixed: when you open the object selection window or when you switch from the tree, the table does not scroll to the selected object
  • Fixed: error while adding data from another data file
  • Fixed: the width of the column in the brief information panel of the main window is not saved
  • Fixed: incorrect work of filters in the table of places
  • Fixed: blurred text in the family tree if the screen scale is enlarged
  • Fixed: incorrect sorting of words containing letters with accents
  • Fixed: the program hangs while saving (in rare cases)
  • Fixed: the error of constructing a family tree which led to the program freezing in rare cases
  • Other bug fixes

Version 5.0, build 2017.10.05

  • SVG generated in Agelong Tree can be now opened correctly in CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator
  • Corrected SVG for RTL languages (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew)
  • In a tree with an intermarriage of blood relations, preference is given to the male line
  • Sosa-Stradonitz system was added as one of numeration types in ascending lineage list; D'Aboville system and Konovalov format were removed from it
  • Fixed: in case of intermarriages folding branches option worked incorrectly
  • Fixed: error when saving a tree as a PNG file (on Mac)
  • Fixed: filter that includes “Level of confidentiality” worked incorrectly
  • Fixed: Find on map option worked incorrectly with Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: on macOS High Sierra the popup menus collapsed right after appearing
  • Fixed: error when exporting to Gedcom if there is a custom field of type “Place”
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 5.0, build 2017.09.11

  • Export to XML and Gedcom
  • Saving a large tree PNG image as several files
  • Improved the photos view in lineage lists and Information windows
  • Possibility to set either height or width of persons' photos in the tree
  • Program suggests to pick from the spouses of the first parent when you edit the secong parent
  • Possibility to choose size of the photos when saving the tree as SVG or HTML: original size, large (1200 pixels) or small (width 200 px). It allows to diminish the size of the SVG or HTML file when necessary
  • If data is sorted by fields with numbers (age, dates, life span, days until anniversary), lines with empty value go at the end, not at the beginning
  • New vesion reminder as a short text and as an icon showing availability of the newer version (in All actions menu)
  • Blood relatives of adopted children can be now seen only in All Relatives tree
  • Fixed: fields order in the edit window does not correspond to the fields order in the table
  • Fixed: invalid sorting order of documents and events in the edit window
  • Fixed: when saving the tree as SVG, HTML or PDF, the backgroud image was not saved
  • Fixed: Distance between branches tree option doesn't work
  • Fixed: the tree wasn't rebuilt automatically when parents were editied in the tree
  • Fixed: incorrect import of ZIP archive on Mac
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Tatar and Persian (Farsi) interface languages added

Version 5.0, build 2017.06.15

  • Ability to save large family trees as PNG file
  • Correct photo orientation when creating document-photo
  • Fixed: program didn't set date when creating document-photo
  • Fixed: in person edit window documents (except from photos) couldn't be added
  • Fixed: person's age was not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: person's gender was not taken into consideration if events were added right after the first creation of a person
  • Fixed: a person kept the incorrect parent in the “Birth” event after changing to a correct one
  • Fixed: error when creating an event from the context menu of the events table
  • Fixed: report contained short place name while the table showed a full one
  • Fixed: error 1003 when activating Agelong Tree on Mac
  • Fixed: error “Initialization error 1” when launching Agelong Tree on Windows
  • Some more minor bugs fixed
  • Armenian interface language added

Version 5.0

Main features

  • Version for MAC
  • A faster and safer database SQLite
  • Fast tree and reports building due to table data caching, sorting in cache, couples and their children caching
  • Fast program start (second and further ones) due to data caching
  • Notes table for notes concerning the family tree research or other needs
  • Notifications for newer versions
  • Portable license for Windows (for portable discs)


  • The photo size in edit window is 200 pixels wide
  • Possibility to set a larger font in interface
  • Better readability in tables due to lines highlighting
  • Right alignment for RTL languages
  • Photos are seen on the lines in the tables. Possibility to replace a photo with a tick (as in previous versions)
  • Decoding URLs containg national symbols for their correct view
  • Active URLs in tables, table reports and statistics reports
  • Interface and data language choice window at the first start of the program
  • Number of records is seen in the table headings
  • Sources table, Families table and Notes table in the main program window
  • In person's edit window the number of connected objects is seen in the tab headings
  • Right alignment for RTL languages (e.g. Arabic)


  • Horizontal family tree diagram: ancestors on the right or on the left
  • Ajustable width, height or depth of the tree
  • Table filters can be used in the tree
  • A supercompact tree style added
  • Several trees on different tabs can be shown simultaneously
  • In tree node settings added buttons Restore. The button is visible if the value differs from the value set in the tree node upper level.
  • In the tree blood siblings and uterine siblings are also labelled.
  • Each field in the tree can be displayed in bold and in italics.
  • Each field can be set as seen in the nodes of still alive or of the dead
  • Each field can be set as seen in the nodes of men or women
  • Field “Life years” added to the list of displayable fields
  • Spouses can change their places in the tree if it helps to avoid intersections
  • PNG image of the tree is saved with transparent background
  • The tree can be saved as HTML (inside HTML – SVG vector graphics)
  • If there are several spouses it is possible to collapse the branch of each spouse separately
  • Fixed: in the blood relatives tree and in the all persons tree some persons were missing
  • Speed of buildng a tree is increased
  • Printing quality is improved (600dpi instead of 300dpi in Agelong Tree 4)
  • In the tree printing mode it is possible to save the tree as PDF by pages
  • In RTL languages (for example, Arabic) children range from the right to the left (according to the age)


  • Flexible configuration of the contents and type of all reports
  • Button for opening a built report in the browser (for printing, etc.)
  • Getting statistics for an arbitrary list of table fields
  • Ability to print and save statistics
  • Ability to interrupt the process of building a report
  • Documents related to the person (event, place) can be displayed in the information window and in the lineage list
  • A more compact form of recording the event of the birth (adoption) of the child in the person information window and in the lineage list
  • Relations degrees in a lineage lists built with all persons of the tree
  • Ability to use the filters of the persons table to limit the list of persons in the lineage list
  • When you save and export a lineage list to the browser, hyperlinks for the person inside this linage list are created
  • Fixed: “out of memory” error when building large lineage lists

Search and filters

  • If you do not give a filter a name, the name is taken from filter condition automatically
  • Search history is saved in table and in the tree
  • Empty date in the filter condition is processed correctly


  • “A few days”, “Several months” in the age and life expectancy, if they are not known exactly
  • Show short value option for dates fields is transferred from field options to program options
  • Added Two dates separator option in the program options


  • You can see links to the person's brothers and sisters in the brief information panel;
  • The contour of a person with an unknown photo depends on the person's age;
  • Added an integer “Code” field, it is filled automatically. The code number is unique in the file.
  • You can fill in more person's details on the main tab of the edit window: person's parents, birth and death places.
  • The parts of the person's full name in the edit window go in the order set in the program options.


  • Added a standard event type “Common-law divorce”
  • Added a standard event type “Church wedding ceremony”


  • Added coordinates of documents
  • In the documents table there is a column Photo/Icon where you can see file icons and thumbnails of photos
  • The document view window displays a notification if the original file is not found in the document folder
  • In the short information panel, a large icon of the document file is displayed (if not a photo)
  • When you click on the file name of the document, the document opens in a program installed in Windows for files of this type
  • Ability to view the HTML document directly in the document view window
  • Search for a document on the map by its coordinates or by its place
  • Support for TIFF graphic format


  • In the short and full names of the place you can see links to places of the higher hierarchy


  • Added a field named “Type” (“Book or manuscript”, “Oral story”, “Website”)
  • Added a field “Link (URL)”

Events types

  • Ability to create secondary roles in the event

Agelong Tree 4 file import

  • Import of data file from Agelong Tree 4 is available in Agelong Tree 5 for Windows: All Actions menu – FileImport
  • Custom events “Church wedding ceremony” and “Common-law divorce” are imported as standard events in Agelong Tree 5

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