Agelong Tree 5 new build

We proceed with polishing version 5.0: fixing bugs, making minor corrections to family tree and lineage list building algorithms. An issue with loading Agelong Tree SVGs to CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator has now been solved, so we recommend saving family trees in SVG vector graphics format for both viewing and printing. Let us remind that SVG pictures never lose quality when scaling, they can be easily opened (for viewing) in any browser (like Chrome). You can even use text search in this pictures (use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F)!

This new Agelong Tree build is a critical update for macOS High Sierra users, it fixes popup menus collapsing right after appearing. Also we fixed saving the tree in PNG format for all macOS versions.

You can read more about new abilities and corrections in versions history page. To install the new build download Agelong Tree, launch the downloaded file and complete the installation. Do not forget that if you have a portable license, you have to choose the correct folder on your USB drive during the installation.

If you are still using Agelong Tree 4, it is the right time to upgrade!

If there’re any questions – ask our techsupport!

Agelong Tree 5 new build

05 October 2017
Genery Software