Agelong Tree 5 has been released

Here it comes, the long-awaited number five! Agelong Tree 5 released – it is several years of work and a program rewritten completely. The previous version, Agelong Tree 4, was and still is an excellent family tree program, with thousands of thankful users all around the world, so why we needed such a grass-root redesign? Let’s see why.

Agelong Tree 4 (on the left) and Agelong Tree 5 main window

Agelong Tree 4 (on the left) and Agelong Tree 5


Agelong Tree now works both on Windows and macOS. It became possible due to new development technology and new database management system called SQLite. It is a fast safe system that works on many different platforms, so in the future Agelong Tree for Android and iOS will use the same data as Agelong Tree for Windows and macOS.

In Agelong Tree 5 we renewed the interface, increased operation speed and added a lot of new abilities. The most important thing is that we created a basis for a smooth, evolutionary development of the program on different platforms.

As we changed the data format, you will need to use the import if you want to open data from the previous version of Agelong Tree. Import option is found in “All actions” menu and in the first launch window:

Import from Agelong Tree 4

Import from Agelong Tree 4 in the first launch window and in “All actions” menu


Unfortunately, there are some limitations too: we cannot guarantee Agelong Tree 5 stable operation under Windows XP and Windows Vista, and data import is available only in Agelong Tree 5 for Windows.

If you have a license for Agelong Tree 2, 3 or 4, you can read about upgrade procedure in this article. By the way, now we offer Agelong Tree portable license (for Windows) which allows to install Agelong Tree on a removable device and to work with the activated program on different computers.

* * *

I am really grateful to all Agelong Tree users for your support that allows to develop our program for almost 15 years! Together we will make our program even more user-friendly and functional, we’ll preserve our family stories for our descendants.

Dmitry Kirkinsky, CEO of Genery Software

25 May 2017
Genery Software