Agelong Tree history before version 5 release

You can find Agelong Tree 5 history in the Agelong Tree Help. Here is the history of previous versions, from version 4 to version 1 released in July 21, 2002.

05 december 2015: Agelong Tree 4.7 build 05.12
  • There have been corrected some errors in Gedcom export and import functions;
  • There have been added some new interface languages: Greek, Georgian and Catalan;
  • There have been corrected errors in French and Belarussian interfaces;
  • The program will let you know when Agelong Tree 5 is released.
27 february 2015: Agelong Tree 4.7 build 26.02

There have been fixed some minor bugs.

23 december 2013: Agelong Tree 4.7
  • Multi-coloured lines (optional) if there are many parallel lines in the tree (see “Tree options” – “Lines and Background”);
  • Text wrapping a photo is optional now (see “Tree options” – “Tree nodes” – “Text”);
  • A new tree Compact style is available (see “Tree options” – “Load a tree style”);
  • There are shortcut keys for each tree style (see “Build tree” to find out the hot keys);
  • You are automatically prompted to choose among the other parent’s spouses when creating the second parent to a child;
  • You are automatically prompted to choose the other parent of a child when creating a spouse to his/her first parent;
  • You are automatically prompted to choose among the existing partners of a person when adding the second main participant in events such as “Marriage”, “Common-law marriage”, “Engagement”, “Divorce”, etc;
  • All events connected with a place can be shown in Information about the place (see tab “Places” – “Information”);
  • Life dates of family members are shown in lineage lists;
  • In lineage lists you can optionally see the relation degrees of the family members and comments (see “Build lineage list” – “Lineage list settings”);

There have been fixed the following bugs:

  • In some cases when the option “Except divorced” was on, there were some incorrect lines, there were sometimes errors in the tree and sometimes some spouses weren’t shown in the tree;
  • When “Optimize spouses position” was on, it was impossible to unfold a folded tree branch;
  • Paper orientation in tree Print preview didn’t coincide with paper orientation when printing;
  • It was impossible to print out on any paper sizes other than A4;
  • The role of the person wasn’t indicated in “Edit window” of the person, on “Events” tab;
  • The sources specified for events weren’t listed in lineage lists;
  • Fixed protected application crash on multi-core CPUs with inactive cores;
  • Some things connected with import/export of Gedcom format.
17 june 2013: Agelong Tree 4.6 build 17.06

Several bugs have been fixed.

19 april 2013: Agelong Tree 4.6
  • If the tree is too big for saving as one image into one file, Agelong Tree automatically divides the image into equal parts and saves it into several files;
  • When the tree is saved as an image, the half-filled pages are saved sized as the other pages;
  • In the tree preview window it is possible to choose large page formats, even those that are not supported by a default printer. It may be useful for saving for printing if you select “Pages into different files” option;
  • It is possible to choose a type of the tree and a lineage list type on the “Persons” tab before building them;
  • Links to sources have been included into events lists in lineage lists and Person’s Information windows;
  • There have been added navigation buttons “Go to tree” and “Go to table”;
  • The printout of tables has been optimized;
  • The width of the text in a “Print\Export” window of the main tables depends on the width of the chosen paper format;
  • Optimization of the data file is now done when saving data to an archive; there is no more “Optimization” button in the “File” menu of Agelong Tree;
  • When entering dates a two-digit year is not any more replaced by a four-digit year, instead some leading zeros are added;
  • Inserting a current date into the file name of the archival backup is optional now; by default the option is on;
  • When exporting into XML dates are presented in Gedcom format, as well as a text.
  • Some things connected with Gedcom format have been improved:
    – when importing a Gedcom file Agelong Tree looks for document files by checking both, full path and relative path;
    – if a person has several documents, the first document is set as the main one;
    – some minor mistakes have been corrected;
  • There have been corrected the following things:
    – too high tree options window;
    – incorrect encoding when opening Google Maps;
    – in some instances tree nodes were cut even if the option “Eliminate cuts of nodes” was on;
    – when saving as Rtf document the page numbers sometimes were moved to the following page;
    – in some instances the order of marriages was not displayed correctly in the tree;
    – it was possible to enter a text in a text field longer than allowed;
    – in some instances the program didn’t start;
    – when deleting or adding a table field in a table, active filters were not taken into consideration;
03 october 2012: Agelong Tree 4.5
  • The program automatically offers to create a backup copy of the current data file. It is offered at the moment of closing the program in case one of the following conditions are met: the previous backup copy was created more than 15 days ago and there have been some changes in the data file OR there have been changed more than 15 objects in the data file;
  • In the “Create a person” menu there are adoptive parents and adopted children options;
  • A background picture can be added to the tree; a special option “Keep proportions”;
  • Long relation degrees can be abbreviated (see “Tree options” – “Tree nodes” – “Text” – “Displayed fields” – “Relation degree” – “Edit”)
  • It is possible to show long comments in the tree without cutting (option “Abbreviate” can be applied – see the options window of the field in the “Displayed fields” list)
  • It is possible to abbreviate information of the field “Marriages” in the tree nodes;
  • The program automatically extracts the date when a photo was taken and fills the “Date” field in the document’s information when creating a document;
  • In the edit document window there is a button that allows to move the file of this document to another folder (inside the documents (.files) folder);
  • It is possible to change the font of the text in all reports;
  • A few bugs have been fixed.
25 june 2012: Agelong Tree 4.4
  • Between ex-spouses there is a dotted line;
  • In the tree marriage dates can be displayed (if “Marriages” field is added to the “Displayed fields”);
  • Tree style can be saved and loaded;
  • Page numbers can be printed;
  • “Keep the scale” option has been added: tree scale is kept even after program restart if no other scale has been specified;
  • Unicode is supported in file names;
  • “Edit” button for editing the chosen document and “information” button for viewing document information in “Information” window;
  • Keyboard and mouse (ctrl+scroll) zooming for documents in “Information” window;
  • A better algorithm of folding tree branches;
  • Relation degrees “child’s mother” and “child’s father” for unmarried parents;
  • Filtering objects and saving to a file according to level of authenticity and confidentiality;
  • Possibility to specify and show the date of renaming of a place;
  • Possibility to specify and show the historical names of a place;
  • Tags GIVN and SURN are exported to Gedcom.
25 march 2012: Agelong Tree 4.3 build 25.03

A few bugs have been fixed.

07 february 2012: Agelong Tree 4.3
  • The algorithm of the tree building has been improved;
  • The order of the lines have been optimized, owing to which there are less intersections of lines in the tree and trees are more visual;
  • In tree type “Direct relatives, brothers, sisters” subtrees of brothers and sisters are shown now too;
  • There was added an option “Carry branches to the nearest edge”. The “Carry branches to the nearest edge” option defines the direction, in which some branches will be carried out (in some complicated trees). If this option is off, the branches are carried to the left if this branch consists of the root person’s father’s relatives and to the right if the branch consists of the root person’s mother’s relatives. If it is on, the branches are carried to the nearest (left or right) edge of the tree;
  • In calendar there have been added a button “Today”;
  • There has been added Turkish language.
28 august 2011: Agelong Tree 4.2 build 28.08

A few bugs have been fixed.

11 august 2011: Agelong Tree 4.2
  • New navigation bar: bookmarking, jumping to the next and to the previous active record;
  • Building lineage list of all persons of the persons table; (premium edition)
  • Building lineage list of all persons of a tree; (premium edition)
  • Only links to sources shown in the lineage list, and a complete list of used sources below the lineage list; (premium edition)
  • Data filtration in a tree (filters are in the tree options window);
  • Only brothers and sisters of the root person are showing in a tree of type “Direct relatives, brothers, sisters”;
  • Building of tree with checked options “Adopted children as own” and “Adoptive parents as own” has been corrected.
  • Dashed lines to adopted children and adoptive parents;
  • New “Except divorced” option, it makes possible to hide divorced spouses in a tree;
  • New “Every word from a new line” option in a tree node field options window;
  • New “Auto rebuild” option, and if it is off a tree is not rebuild after creating, editing and deleting person in the tree;
  • Creation of new event types, situated before birth and after death events of a person;
  • New “Paste coodinates from the clipboard” button in the place editing window;
  • Person’s age and lifetime is showing in months (if the value is less than a year) or in days (if the value is less than a month);
  • Custom fields order in the person/event/etc. editing window now corresponds with table fields order;
  • Filter by date, if no year specified, now works properly;
  • Fixed: invalid character in SVG file, if saving tree with statistics; (premium edition)
  • Fixed: program hangs while building a tree that includes sisters or brothers that have children from one common spouse;
  • Fixed: empty or invalid full person names after opening a new data file;
  • Fixed: impossible to create two roles with empty male or female role names while editing an event type;
  • Fixed: empty encoding string value while selecting Gedcom encoding;
  • Some Gedcom import and export errors have been fixed.
29 may 2011: Agelong Tree 4.1

Starting from this version Agelong Tree exists in three editions: free edition, basic one and premium one. After downloading and installation Agelong Tree works as free edition, meanwhile during the first 15 days after installation all the premium edition functionality stays unlocked. New features in Agelong Tree 4.1:

  • Premium edition: saving the tree into vector format SVG;
  • Premium edition: lineage list building (persons by generations list);
  • Premium edition: export to XML;
  • Premium edition: tree nodes layout is saved to XML;
  • Premium edition: a possibility to unite two data files into one;
  • Premium edition: a possibility to save a part of data that meets the condition(-s) of active filters to a separate data file;
  • Premium edition: printout and export of information from main program tables (Persons, Events, etc);
  • Premium edition: collapsing (folding) of tree branches;
  • Some errors have been fixed;
  • There have been added German, Galician, Estonian, Byelorussian, Turkmen and Ukrainian languages.
21 february 2011: Agelong Tree 4.0 build 21.02

A few bugs have been fixed, Arabic, Czech, Hungarian and Latvian interface languages have been added.

01 february 2011: Agelong Tree 4.0
  • Building a family tree containing all relatives of the chosen person (in Agelong Tree 3 it was only possible to display close relatives);
  • Extended settings, print and tree saving options;
  • Convenient to view the tree: smooth scrolling, quick zoom using the mouse wheel, switching between units using keyboard arrows, search, switch quickly to favourites and to the root;
  • A family table has been added with the possibility of uploading a family emblem;
  • Hierarchical table of places on a tab is displayed in the main window, it is possible to add photographs and display place coordinates;
  • Search for the place on Google by coordinates (if shown) or by name;
  • Faster program launch and search in tables due to table data cache;
  • Unicode encoding support for exporting and importing Gedcom files;
  • Possibility to add different types of custom fields: text, logical, integer, links to a place, URL, email;
  • Improved interface, correct display of interface elements when increasing screen fonts;
  • There has been created a foundation for the program’s continued development and new capabilities which will appear in future versions.
27 december 2007: Agelong Tree 3.1.1
27 october 2007: Agelong Tree 3.1
14 may 2007: Agelong Tree 3.0.5
25 january 2007: Agelong Tree 3.0.4
09 october 2006: Agelong Tree 3.0

Completely redesigned interface and a set of new features.

16 october 2005: Agelong Tree 2.4

New relation degrees and statistics in the family tree; optimized algorithm and new options of family tree building; expanded printing capabilities.

14 august 2004: Agelong Tree 2.32

Updated algorithm of the tree building, bugs fixed.

07 may 2004: Agelong Tree 2.31

The problem causing an error in launching the software on some processor models has been solved.

21 april 2004: Agelong Tree 2.3

The problem with printing large trees is solved, optimized page division of the tree to minimize node separation while printing.

04 march 2004: Agelong Tree 2.21

Updated algorithm of the tree building, bug fixes.

23 february 2004: Agelong Tree 2.2

Smoothing of photos and lines, generations highlighting, no more duplicated spouses and subtrees.

04 november 2003: Agelong Tree 2.1

Displaying all the blood relatives in one tree; updated algorithm of the tree building; new interface languages.

30 july 2003: Agelong Tree 2.02

Polish interface language added, bugs fixed in Gedcom import.

11 june 2003: Agelong Tree 2.01

German interface language, context menus in Persons, Events and Information windows, bug fixes.

27 may 2003: Agelong Tree 2.0a

The bug has been fixed. That bug changed female surname in that of male while creating a new surname.

26 may 2003: Agelong Tree 2.0

The new style of a Photo window – you can click the photos in the tree or in the table without shutting this window. In some cases husband and wife in the tree could be duplicated – now that bug is fixed.

05 may 2003: Agelong Tree 2.0 beta 2

Multi-language interface and new Help format have been added. Some corrections have been made.

18 april 2003: Agelong Tree 2.0 beta

Now it supports Gedcom format and Windows XP themes. You can look through the roots (the farthest ancestors) of any person. Other changes and bug fixes are made.

14 february 2003: Agelong Tree 1.3 beta

Among new features are: data sorting and filtration in Persons window, statistics, showing stepbrothers and stepsisters in the tree, etc.

25 december 2002: Agelong Tree 1.2

New ways of entering events’ dates, displaying relation degrees and attributes in the tree.

15 november 2002: Agelong Tree 1.1

New types of trees. Brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, their branches – all in one tree.

11 october 2002: Agelong Tree 1.01

Printing problems and problems with tree saving in gif-format are solved.

02 october 2002: Agelong Tree 1.0

New features are: exporting and importing data, conduct of several databases.

07 september 2002: Agelong Tree 1.0 beta 3

Ranging, printing, tree saving in graphic format, etc are added.

05 august 2002: Agelong Tree 1.0 beta 2

21 july 2002: The first version of Agelong Tree has been released!

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