Agelong Tree 5.4 has been released

Download the newer version of Agelong Tree 5! Improvements and corrections have been made in tree options, data check report, nearest anniversaries report, saving family tree chart as HTML and PDF, data export to Gedcom and XML. We improved the data file stability, the data file now cannot be damaged easily but we still strongly recommend to make backup copies of the data file. Agelong Tree for macOS is 64-bit now, so macOS users can use Agelong Tree 5.4 on Catalina and future macOS versions. You can find a complete list of new abilities and bugfixes in our online help.

Using Agelong Tree 5? Download Agelong Tree 5.4 installation package, install the application and continue working with your family tree.

Using Agelong Tree 4 or earlier versions? Download and install Agelong Tree 5.4, import data and try working. Get a license for Agelong Tree 5.* with 40% discount or free of charge.

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Agelong Tree 5.4

28 October 2019
Genery Software