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Backup copies

Backup copy is a zip archive that contains all data: a family tree file and its documents folder with all original files (photos and other documents). Please create an archive every time when you entered a lot of new information: save the changes, then click “All actions” menu - “File” - “Export” - “ZIP-archive”.

At the moment of closing Agelong Tree automatically offers to create a backup copy of the data file if two conditions are met: the previous suggestion to create an archived data copy took place more than one day ago AND more than 30 records have been added/edited/deleted since the previous archive creation. Please also check that the corresponding option is on in program options. We strongly recommend to create backup copies of your family tree file and keep it outside the computer, on a portable drive or in the cloud storage.

You can use the backup copy as well if you need to open the family tree on another computer. First create a backup copy (All actions menu – FileExportZip archive) and save it on any external disc. Then restore the backup copy in Agelong Tree (All actions menu – FileImportZip archive).

Current Agelong Tree version doesn't support archives larger than 4 Gb. To create a backup copy please use the Windows Explorer options, include the *.at5 file and *.files folder into a .zip archive.

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