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It is possible to use Agelong Tree without buying a license (i.e. unactivated version) during an unlimited period of time, but it does not allow to enter more than 40 persons. If a file containing more than 40 persons is opened, information will be available only for viewing, read-only mode. To remove this limitation the user has to purchase a license and activate Agelong Tree. The purchased license is valid for all minor Agelong Tree 5 versions (i.e. 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 etc)

There are three types of licenses: standard, portable and commercial. Standard and portable licenses are intended only for non-commerial use. Commercial use is allowed to a user with a commercial license. One standard or one commercial license allow to activate Agelong Tree on one computer. A portable license exists only for Windows, one portable license allows to activate Agelong Tree on one portable disc, which allows to use the program on any Windows computer.

You can choose a type of license, payment method and place an order at order page. Upon reciept of your payment we send a license email with an activation code to your email address that you specify in the order.

Full text of the license agreement

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