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— I've always wanted to make my family tree. Could you suggest what I should do first?
— First you should speak to your relatives, write down their memories, facts of their lives and the lives of your ancestors. You will probably find old photos and someone may be able to explain whose photos they are. You can try to find your relatives on the Internet - in social networks, for example.

— I can't find my activation code for the program. Do I have to buy a new one?
— No, you don't. Create an account in Personal area at our site and enter your email address that you used for buying your license. Login into the Personal area and you will see your activation code. You can also contact us.

— I have paid the license. When will I get the activation code?
— Usually the system sends an email with the activation code as soon as the payment has been accepted. If you haven't received it, please, contact us.

— My tree already contains more than 500 persons, and I am afraid to lose my data as a result of a computer breakdown. What can I do?
— We recommend to export family tree data file to ZIP archive (see the menu All actions - File - Export) and keep the archive in a secure place (such as USB memory drive or a cloud storage). You can import data from the archive in case of a computer breakdown or loss of the data file. Our family tree program also suggests creating an archived backup automatically after some changes have been made, please agree to do it.

— I'd like to show the tree to my relatives, they live in another city. How can I do it?
— The simplest way is to create a tree, save it as PNG graphics (Save button on the panel on the left from the tree) or as interactive HTML file and to email it. There is also a more interesting solution: your relatives can install Agelong Tree on the computer (a license is not necessary if they do not want to edit the family tree). You can save data to an archive (All actions menu – FileExportZip archive) and send the archive to your relatives. They will import the data from the archive (All actions menu – File - Import - Zip archive) and will be able to see all the information, the family tree, print it, etc..

— What minimal size should a person's photo be?
— 600 x 800 pixels are sufficient in most cases.

— I have bought a new computer. How do I transfer the program and data?
— 1. Start Agelong Tree. Save the data to an archived file (Open All actions menu – FileExportZip archive).
2. Uninstall Agelong Tree from your old computer.
3. Download Agelong Tree from our website and install on your new computer.
4. Import your family tree from the archived file (All actions menu – FileImportZip archive).
5. If you have a license, contact us to get a permission to reactivate the program, then activate Agelong Tree with your activation code.

— How can I reinstall Windows on my computer without losing the program and family tree data?
— 1. Start Agelong Tree. Export the data to ZIP archive (go to All actions menu – FileExportZip archive), save the archive on any external device like USB flash memory.
2. Reinstall Windows.
3. Download Agelong Tree from our website and install on your computer.
4. Import the ZIP archive file (All actions menu – FileImportZip archive.
5. If you have a license for our family tree program, activate it with your activation code. If you can't find your activation code, contact us or login to Personal area to find your code there.

— I want to print my family tree on a large sheet of paper. How can I do it?
— Build the family tree and press Save on the panel on the left from the tree. Choose SVG vector graphics, enter a file name, tick Save photos in a separate folder if you have a lot of photos. Take the file SVG and the photos folder to a printing service. Also you can save the tree as PNG graphics file, before saving set 300% scale, it is important for the good quality of the printed picture.

— How to save a part of my family tree into a separate file?
— First you need to filter off the persons you do not need to save: find a suitable filter on the Persons tab or create a new one. It's a good idea to use Present in tree filter: you can build a tree, then collapse (with - symbol) the branches you do not need and then tick the filter Present in tree on the Persons tab. Once only necessary persons left in the Persons table, go to All actions menu – FileSave filtered as….

— We have two separate family trees, with one common person in them. Is it possible to join the two family trees in one?
— Yes, it is possible. First you need to add information from the first family tree to the second: open the first tree in Agelong Tree, then click All actions menu – File - Append data from and choose the file with the second tree. Both family trees are in one file now. Next you need to join the trees into one. Program builds trees according to events that unite people into families: child bearing and marriages. You need to create anevent that unite these two trees and specify the participants of the event from both trees. But sometimes it happens that the common fro the two trees person is found twice in this file. It means that the necessary family-uniting event is already created, you just need to delete the duplicate. Rename one of the duplicates (for example, John1), replace John1 with John (the other duplicate) in all events where John1 takes part.

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