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Information window

You can see information about a person, an event, a document, a place, a source, a family or a note in one window.:
Information about a person

Apart from the information about the chosen object (a person, an event, etc) there are also clickable links to the connected objects. For example, in the information window for a document you will see links to all objects that have this document attached. Note that you can print out the content of the information window if you open the report in a browser (click Open in browser).

The following actions are possible in the information window:

  • Report options – select content and appearance of the window;
  • Save as… – save the content as HTML or TXT file;
  • Open in browser – open the content in a default browser;
  • Edit – open editing window of the current object (person, event, etc);
  • Back – go back to the previous object in the information window, inactive until you change the object;
  • Forward – go to the next object, active after you get back to the previous object;
  • Go to table – close the information window and place the cursor on the current object in the corresponding table, e.g. an event in the events table;
  • Go to tree – close the information window and place the cursor on the curent person in the tree.

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