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How to install Agelong Tree 5.* on a USB drive

To correctly install Agelong Tree 5 on a USB drive, follow these steps:

1. Prepare a USB drive of a suitable volume. The volume depends on the number of photos and videos that you plan to add into the program, the rest of the data does not take up much space. One modern photograph weighs an average of about 5 Mb, which means that about 200 photos can be recorded on a 1 Gb drive.

2. Download Agelong Tree installation package for Windows, run it and allow it to make changes on the computer.

3. The program installation wizard will open. Carefully follow the instructions, select the type of installation: “Installation on portable USB drive”. Make sure that the chosen disc is your USB-drive, and not internal disc. Please install

4. After the installation is complete, the program will open, enter your portable license activation code.

5. To transfer your existing data to a USB drive, click the menu All Actions - File - Open and select a data file in the file selection window, by default it is stored in the My Family folder in Documents. After that, click the menu All Actions - File - Save As…, and in the window for selecting the folder to save, select the USB drive with the program.

6. For the next program launch, use the file named Agelong Tree (Agelong Tree.bat) on the USB drive; do not use the data file .at5 to start the program.

Click this file to start Agelong Tree from USB drive

Please always agree to create a backup copy when the program offers it, keep the zip archive file on a computer, on another USB drive or in the cloud storage.

A USB drive with a program can be connected to other computers with Windows 7, 8, or 10 to work with family tree.

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