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Agelong Tree Help

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Hot keys

(in brackets you see hot keys for macOS if they are different from those for Windows)

F1 – open Help
F2 – create
F3 – show information
F4 – edit
F8 – delete
F12 (Cmd+,) – program options or the current report options
Alt+F12 (Alt+Cmd+,) – settings of filters of the active table or tree options if the tree tab is active

Ctrl+F (Cmd+F) – set the cursor to the Search field
Alt+Down arrow – search forward
Alt+Up arrow – search back

Ctrl+B (Cmd+B) – set a bookmark/remove the bookmark
Ctrl+J (Cmd+J) – jump to the bookmark
Ctrl+G (Cmd+G) – jump to the table
Ctrl+T (Cmd+T) – jump to the tree
Ctrl+R (Cmd+R) – jump to the root person
Alt+Left arrow – go to the previous record in the table or in the tree, to the previous object in the information window
Alt+Right arrow – go to the next record in the table or in the tree, to the next object in the information window

Left button click on the column heading in the table – sorting of the column
Alt+left button click on the column heading in the table – adding this column to the sorting rule

Ctrl+I (Cmd+I) – to mark the stress in a word

Family Tree
F5 – build a tree of direct ancestors and descendents
Alt+F5 – build a tree of direct relatives, brothers, sisters
Shift+F5 – build a tree of blood relatives
Shift+Alt+F5 – build a tree of all relatives
F10 – rebuild the tree
F11 (Ctrl+Cmd+F) – fullscreen mode
Ctrl+Scroll wheel (Cmd+Scroll wheel) – changing the scale of the tree
Ctrl+P (Cmd+P) – printing of the tree

Lineage lists
F6 – build an ascending lineage list (to ancestors)
Alt+F6 – build a descending lineage list (to descendants)
Shift+F6 – include all persons of the table or of the tree into a lineage list

Tables and lists
PgUp – scroll up
PgDown – scroll down
Home – jump to the first record
End – jump to the last record
Scroll wheel – scrolling without changing cursor position
Alt+Scroll wheel – scrolling to change cursor position
Shift+Стрелка вверх – move the line up (if it is possible)
Shift+Стрелка вниз – move the line down (if possible)
Shift+Колесо мыши – move the line (if possible)

Tabs in the main window
Ctrl+1 (Cmd+1) – Persons tab
Ctrl+2 (Cmd+2) – Tree tab
Ctrl+3 (Cmd+3) – Events tab
Ctrl+4 (Cmd+4) – Documents tab
Ctrl+5 (Cmd+5) – Places tab
Ctrl+6 (Cmd+6) – Sources tab
Ctrl+7 (Cmd+7) – Families tab
Ctrl+8 (Cmd+8) – Notes tab

Work with files
Ctrl+O (Cmd+O) – open a file
Ctrl+S (Cmd+S) – save the file
Ctrl+D (Cmd+D) – open documents folder
Ctrl+H (Cmd+H) – open the current report in the browser
Ctrl+E (Cmd+E) – view the current document

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